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BikeWalkSolana - Solana Beach Active Transportation Committee

BikeWalkSolana, formally known as the Solana Beach Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (SBBPAC), serves as the voice of the citizens of Solana Beach to assist the city in:

  1. Developing guidelines and policy for cyclists, pedestrians, and travelers.
  2. Fostering growth of cycling and walking within Solana Beach.
  3. Providing a resource center for educating the public.

One of the goals of this advisory committee is to establish Solana Beach as a Bicycle Friendly Community as designated by the League of American Bicyclists (LAB). There are several requirements which need to be met for this designation, one of which is to have a bicycle advisory committee, comprised of interested citizens in the community. Key to the designation are the 5 E’s: Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, Evaluation and Planning. This committee intends to work with the City Council and City Staff through all the steps which must be taken so that Solana Beach may officially be designated Bicycle Friendly.


I5 North Coast Bikeway Draft Plan

Caltrans provided the city of Solana Beach with plans for a North Coast bikeway which roughly parallels the I-5 corridor from UCSD up through Oceanside. This is a new draft plan which we have not seen before as part of the other published bicycle transportation plans.

I-5 North Coast Bikeway - Part 1
I-5 North Coast Bikeway - Part 2

Please provide comments on our Forum under the Proposed I-5 Bikeway Topic.


Stevens Avenue Traffic Calming

The city has plans for restriping Stevens Avenue as part of the Public Storage DRP. The result will be a traffic-calmed Stevens, with improved bicycle lanes and markings. The City of Solana Beach and SBBPAC have submitted a Safe Routes to School grant application which would facilitate this project as well as make it safer to use Stevens as an artery for students walking and riding their bikes to school. For further information on the Safe Routes to School grant, view this post.


Bicycle Infrastructure Mapping Project

The first project of the SBBPAC is the creation a Google map of Solana Beach highlighting the different types of bike lanes, bike parking, and bike shops. Everything will be augmented with photos and  GPS positions. The committee members will be assigned to particular sections of the city and will survey their section by riding on their bikes, taking photos and notes, locking a bike to bike racks to rate utility, etc. The final map will be available on this website, and it will serve as both a resource for local cyclists and a planning tool for providing the infrastructure envisioned by the Solana Beach Bicycle Transportation Plan.

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