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Lomas Santa Fe Corridor Feasibility Study

The Lomas Santa Fe Corridor Feasibility Study Project is a planning project to provide a roadmap for the future of Lomas Santa Fe as the primary east-west artery through Solana Beach. The project study area for the Lomas Santa Fe Drive Feasibility Study extends from Sierra Avenue on the west side of Highway 101 (where the roadway is called Plaza Street) to Highland Drive at the City’s eastern boundary.  The City’s goal for the Lomas Santa Fe Corridor Feasibility Study is to identify physical improvements that could be constructed to improve the character, safety, walkability, bikeability and circulation along this key east-west arterial through the City of Solana Beach. The Lomas Santa Fe Corridor Feasibility Study Project is in part a follow up to the City's 2015 Comprehenseive Active Transportation Strategy where segments along Lomas Santa Fe were identified with high priority for improving the usefulness, safety and enjoyment for all road users using this key transportation corridor. 

To visit the City's website, see more detail on some of the initial ideas, and to provide your comments to the City, please CLICK HERE. Comments are due by June 23, 2017.

The output of the study will provide more details on what can be accomplished, provide costing estimates and funding sources for future improvements to the Lomas Santa Fe Corridor.

North Coast Corridor Planning Meeting

Many San Diego County organizations are working together to help define transportation needs for the North Coast Corridor. Provided here is documentation for planning activities from a meeting held in Encinitas on December 17, 2012. Organization participants: Oceanside Bike/Ped Committee, BikeWalkSolana, BikeWalkEncinitas, Del Mar Planning Commission, Sierra Club, Oceanside Planning Commission, San Diego County Bicycle Coalition.

Meeting Notes from North Coast Corridor Transportation Demand Management Plan Community Roundtable

Slide deck presented by SANDAG at the meeting

Solana Beach Plans

In Summer 2015 the City of Solana Beach completed its Comprehensive Active Transportation Strategy (CATS) Report. This extensive report, funded by a SANDAG grant, using consultants Chen-Ryan Associates discusses the current state of Active Transportation facilities in Solana Beach. Through analysis and community workshops, with final adoption by the City Council, this report provides a roadmap for the future of Solana Beach's circulation element. It's primary product is a list of areas of the City to be addressed for future improvement, specifically in a high-level view of 20 suggested projects in Chapter 9, Table 8-2 (pg 91) in particular.

2015 CATS Final Report

Prior to the CATS Report,Solana Beach created a bicycle plan in 1993, updated in 1996 and 2005. 

Original 1993 Bikeway Master Plan

1996 Bikeway Master Plan - Addendum #1

2005 Bicycle Transportation Plan - Addendum #2

San Diego Plans

SANDAG created a Regional Bike Plan which was completed in 2010. They hired Alta Planning & Design of Portland, Oregon to assist in the plan. The principals at Alta were instrumental in making Portland the "most" Bicycle Friendly community in America. SANDAG and Alta held a series of workshops prior to the completion of the plan, with input from various communities around San Diego County.

SANDAG Regional Bike Plan

SANDAG Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning

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