May is Bike Month: Tour of Solana Beach Scavenger Hunt

May is Bike Month: Tour of Solana Beach Scavenger Hunt

Tour Solana Beach … for a chance to Win an E-Bike! In 2019, more than 100 bicyclists enjoyed the first full Tour of Solana Beach … and then the 2020 pandemic prevented a repeat. For 2021, the event is back, funded by a Solana Beach Community Grant, in the form of a self-guided tour of Solana Beach. This tour allows you to explore Solana Beach by bike, on foot, or any other means without a car. The event will run from May 1-31 in celebration of May, our National Bike Month. You must register to participate in the Tour of Solana Beach Scavenger Hunt. Riders and walkers will learn more about the City’s history, art, and commitment to safe streets as they enjoy a car-free adventure in our lovely seaside town.

Complete your score sheet in one trip or several as you answer questions along the scavenger hunt route. Submit your completed score sheet to enter your name in a raffle. The Grand Prize is an E-Bike donated by San Diego Electric Bike in partnership with BikeWalkSolana via the Community Grant. Additional raffle prizes from other local businesses will be awarded.

Register Now at

Important: When you register, please double-check your email as without a working email, you won’t receive Instructions to particpate. If you “think” you registered, but did not receive the confirmation immediately, or the detailed instructions within 8 hours, please send an email to Karl Rudnick at [email protected] so we can straighten out your registration and re-send the Instructions. We don’t want anyone to miss out!

After you register, you will receive your participation packet with instructions for completing and turning in your score sheet. An online version of the score sheet will also be available so you can do your tour paperless and record your answers on your phone. If you register prior to May 1, you will receive your personal packet on May 1.

Note that you must be 16 or over to be eligible for the grand prize.  There will be a raffle for those under 16 to give the younger cyclists a chance to win prizes, too!

When May 1 arrives, let the hunt begin!

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 For a more detailed view of the route:

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