Bike & Ped Infrastructure

DSCF1268  Potential to end rail trail north with gradual merge to north-bound bike lane DSCF1272  Lomas Santa Fe eastbound, just past I5, bike lane disappears for ~100 yds. Where to ride? ...Opportunity for green paint DSCF1263  Parking - Solana Town Center DSCF1264  Restricted walkway - N. side of Lomas Santa Fe between Granados and fire station DSCF1265  Restricted walkway looking east. DSCF1266  BIke lockers for 12 bikes at train station
DSCF1267  North end of rail trail - ends with abrupt 90 deg left turn DSCF1269  Solana Beach Community Center - "Where do I park my bike?" DSCF1270  Opportunities for cycling parking close to beach - right hand side DSCF1271  Could also park bikes on left hand side DSCF1273  Lomas Santa Fe Plaza - no pedestrian curb cutout (by Baskin & Robbins) DSCF1274  End of current pedestrian path (old Marine View). No curb cutout (accross from Baskin & Robbins)
DSCF1275  Lomas Santa Fe Plaze - another no curb cutout example.