GO by BIKE 2017 Joy Ride

DouglasExplainsStevensUpgrades  BikeWalkSolana Chair Douglas Alden explains Stevens upgrades. 20170521 094153  Douglas points out Stevens changes to Una Nelson-White and Clinton Alden LynnAndMack  Lynne Truong and Mac Imacseng listen JoyRideStart  GO by Bike 2017 Joy Ride gang IMG 4944  Karl and Jill at start IMG 4948  Follow the Rules of the Road
IMG 4957  Keeping the group together 20170521 110429  Jill Cooper on a climb IMG 4950  Regroup IMG 4952  Kristine Schindler IMG 4954  Kristine, Jill, Douglas, Karl SolanaHills  Onto Solana Hills
20170521 110711  Moving along Dell St 20170521 110706  Riding along Dell St IMG 4955  Checking out Eric Gronberg's artful home IMG 4958  Riding down the bridge over the tracks to 101 Yogurt101  Ordering frozen yogurt at Yogurt 101. EatingFrozenYogurt  Yummy Yogurt 101
IMG 4967  Biking pedestrians cross 101 IMG 4968  Participants received a free taillight