BikeWalkSolana Meeting (Zoom), May 6, 2024

The meeting of BikeWalkSolana, the Solana Beach Active Transportation Committee, was held on May 6, 2024, 5pm on Zoom. For invitations to future meetings, please email [email protected]


  • Updates from the City
  • Bike Month Activities
  • New Business

Meeting Notes by Jill Cooper

Those attending the Zoom meeting included Douglas Alden, Kristin Brinner, Jill Cooper, Paul Dickstein, Jewel Edson, Shawna McGarry, Karl Rudnick, Mo Sammak, and Kristine Schindler.

Updates from the City (Mo Sammak)

City Council has approved a budget of $1.2 million dollars for street maintenance. The projects include some curb to curb pavement, sidewalks, curbs, paint striping, and traffic cushions. Bids from contractors are coming in higher than in past years, so the maintenance list might have to be trimmed to stay within the budget or the City might try to negotiate with the contractor. Construction will begin in July.
The Engineering Department will present the proposed City’s Work Plan at the May 8 City Council meeting.
Four projects of note are:
  1. A trimmed down version of the Santa Helena Neighborhood Trail. The project wasn’t funded at the state or local level, but the Engineering Department proposes that the City maintain the roadway plan in the design, including narrowing the traffic lanes and adding bike and walking lanes. To expedite traffic calming at the Santa Helena/Santa Victoria intersection (east of Solana Vista School), the project is recommended to be phased. The first phase of construction would exclude all landscaping, irrigation and work north of Santa Victoria. The first phase of this work addresses recommendations contained in the CATS and Safe Routes to School studies.
  2. A second proposal is to plant drought tolerant plants to beautify the existing recently constructed traffic medians in front of the Lomas Santa Fe Country Club on Highland Drive near Lomas Santa Fe Drive.
  3. The design and construction of a safe crossing from Harbaugh Trails across Highway 101 to the beach is included as “work to be continued.” The City of Solana Beach would like to work with the City of Encinitas on the plan design which would have one northbound and one southbound traffic lane, allowing more roadway space for pedestrians and bicyclists. So far, this isn’t happening.
  4. At this point point funding for the east side of the Lomas Santa Fe Corridor Improvement Project has been secured, but the west side hasn’t.

Bike Month Activities (and we thank Dan King and Kayla Moshki for Weekly Updates publicity)

The Walking Scavenger Hunt: May 1 – 31. As of May 6, 170 people had registered for this activity. Of those, 60 were people who had participated in past bicycling scavenger hunts and 110 were people new to the event.

The Community Ride: May 25. BWS members, arrive by 9:15.  Who will bring what to the ride?

    • Douglas—tickets for raffle, table, BWS banner, easy-up, contact Dan Goldberg about a sign with Lomas Santa Fe Corridor Improvement Project information
    • Karl and Douglas—bike pumps
    • Jill and Karl—raffle prizes
    • Jill—a sign inviting people to join BWS
    • Karl—waiver sheets, clipboards, pens
    • Raffle prizes:
    • Douglas, try at Culture Bikes and Pedego
    • Paul, try at Roadrunner, San Diego Electric Bike, and Revolution
    • Jill, try at CalCoast Adventures and other places
Family Fun Ride: May 26 at 10 am. 

Starts at the east side of the bridge over the railroad tracks at the west end of Cliff. The route follows a mostly level path along Hwy 101 and the Coastal Rail Trail.

Smart Cycling Classes
Karl reported that no 92075 residents signed up for the class, so he opened it up to everyone. 6 people attended the classroom session on Tuesday, and all 6 are expected to attend the road session this Saturday.