BikeWalkSolana Meeting, 1 October 2012

The next meeting of BikeWalkSolana, the Solana Beach Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee will be held on Monday, 1 October 2012 at 5:00 PM at:

La Colonia Community Center
715 Valley Ave

Solana Beach, CA 92075


  • Updates from the City
  • Kathleen Ferrier – WalkSanDiego. Results of Stevens Ave neighborhood walkability assessment
  • Arts Alive Car Free Saturday, Oct. 6, with bike parking
  • Skyline and Solana Vista parent survey on walking and biking
  • I-5 North Coast Corridor Project: Project includes the addition of a bikeway.
    Questions must be submitted by 15 Oct 2012:
    [email protected]
  • Open House Event, Coast Highway 101: A Destination for People
    Thursday, 25 Oct 2012, 6pm to 8pm
  • Fall Bicycle Rodeo

Notes and Action Items from the meeting:

  1. City updates:
    • City has loop detector stencil and next week plans to mark sensitive spots for cyclists to trip traffic lights.
    • City engineer Mo Sammak presented BikeWalkSolana’s “Bike Solana Beach” bike rack design to the City Council during a Hwy 101 status presentation and it is now being considered for Hwy 101 project, under construction. Douglas Alden suggested local Baker Iron Works as an alternate manufacturer to “shop Solana” as well as avoid shipping costs.
  2. Kathleen Ferrier, WalkSanDiego:
    • Showed results of local walkability survey from Aug 25 (Valley, Stevens, Lomas Santa Fe to Solana Hills and I5 intersection). Results are summarized rating intersections 0-100, 100 best.
    • iPhone / android BestWalk app is now available at for free install. Anyone can rate intersections. In the short term, the first person to rate an intersection is the only rating. As the app gains more use and, perhaps, multiple people rate the same intersection, it may be upgraded to factor in multiple ratings from different users.
    • This may be the only kind of data like this available for planning and design for active transportation improvements.
  3. Open House Event, hosted by WalkSanDiego and SDCBC:
    • Originally scheduled for Thurs, Oct 25 6-8pm, at Paul Ecke School, Encinitas.
    • Kathleen Ferrier, as primary host, shared her vision of the event. City Representatives from Del Mar, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Carlsbad, and Oceanside would provide visions and plans for Hwy 101. Local Bike/Ped committees would be on hand to support these visions. Ideally, concerned citizens and local business reps would be on hand to understand how these visions/plans would enhance their quality of life and improve the local 101 business environments in each city.
    • Daniel Powell offered to be the moderator for the Open House to keep it focused.
    • Would like to have business representatives, both for and against Hwy 101 improvements, on hand to be part of the dialogue.
    • It was pointed out that Oct 25 conflicted with a planning meeting for a large, local walking event for Feb 2014. People will be traveling from out of town to attend this meeting.
    • This is NOT intended to be either a meeting of Solana Beach, Encinitas, and Oceanside Bike/Ped advisory committees to discuss their common goals, NOR is it to be a meeting of the Caltrans-proposed I5 Bikeway. Given the focus which WalkSanDiego and SDCBC want to bring to the 2 hour open house, those other purposes would get in the way. It was agreed that BOTH a joint meeting of the local North County bike/ped committees AND a separate meeting with Seth Cutter, Caltrans Bike and Ped Transportation Coordinator, are really needed and should be planned for the future.
    • It was also discussed that there may not be enough time to properly set up this meeting to meet the desired goals, especially given that city officials are also involved in local elections. Note that the vote in Del Mar for their proposed Hwy 101 redevelopment is in Nov and it was hoped this Open House could help that vote. It was also noted that, by Oct. 25, many Del Mar voters may already have voted by mail. Just announced today is that the City of Del Mar has Question and Answer sessions on their Village Revitalization Plan planned for Monday, October 15th and 29th, 6-7:30 pm, City Hall Annex, 235 11th Street.
    • Kathleen Ferrier is reconsidering the date of this event. Stay tuned…
  4. Solana Beach Arts Alive and Gateway Park event, Sat. Oct 6. Another Car Free Saturday.
    • Bike parking will be provided by BikeWalkSolana at the north end of the rail trail. Bikers and walkers who sign in there will cause a $5 anonymous donation for the Gateway Park.
    • Douglas Alden purchased a BikeWalkSolana banner which will arrive in time for this event to also help locate the parking and introduce the community to BikeWalkSolana.
    • Daniel Powell volunteered to set up the parking and man it the entire day. He has signs to direct people to the parking. Douglas Alden, Kristine Schindler, and Karl Rudnick will be assisting with parking throughout the day.
  5. Caltrans I5 Bikeway comments are due Oct. 15 (for details, see agenda above)
    • Comments should be formed as questions as Caltrans is then required to respond. General statements will only be noted, not necessarily acted upon.
    • Given that this wasn’t officially announced until Aug 31, although we have had the plans on our home page and BikeWalkSolana Forum since May, we are hoping to get an extension of the Oct 15. date. Seth Cutter, Caltrans, has requested this for us.
    • If we can get an extension, Seth Cutter has offered to speak to any interested Bike/Ped groups to go over the design in person and address our questions and concerns. He suggested the week of Oct 8, but it looks like we have conflicts with attendance. It was requested that people interested in attending send available dates to Karl Rudnick at [email protected] and we’ll try to set a common date.
    • Unless no extension is given (come back to this page our look for a post on the BikeWalkSolana Forum), please get your comments in by Oct. 15.
  6. Roger Boyd mentioned that SANDAG Public Plan Participation online survey and/or comments are now due Oct. 15. Please see this Forum post.
  7. Fall Bike Rodeo. Given all the events going on in October, and the fact that only 16 responses total were received from the Safe Routes to Schools survey sent out with the Sept 5 electronic packets, it was decided that more planning would be necessary for our first Bike Rodeo.
    • Karl Rudnick still has the action to get support from Del Sol Lions in order to fund the insurance and any other costs, in the few hundreds of dollars range, for a bike rodeo. Daniel Powell to assist in providing the proper Del Sol Lions contact.
  8. Douglas Alden mentioned that Wed, Oct. 3, is International Walk and Bike to School day. It is noted on the BikeWalkSolana Facebook page and (Coming Events).