BikeWalkSolana Meeting, Mon February 3, 2020

The next meeting of BikeWalkSolana, the Solana Beach Active Transportation Committee,  be held on Monday, February 3,  2020, 5pm at Fletcher Cove Community Center. 

Fletcher Cove Community Center
133 Pacific Avenue
Solana Beach, CA 92075


  • Updates from the City
  • Bike In Movie Night planning
  • Bike shop engagement with BikeWalkSolana and the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition
  • San Diego Regional Bike Summit
    Thursday, Feb 6 to Saturday, Feb 8
    The objectives of the Summit are to bring together advocates, local and national leaders for bicycling, elected officials and more to share examples of successful projects, best practices and strategies to improve bicycling everywhere.

    Meeting Venues: Balboa Park – Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego History Museum, San Diego Museum of Art and Panama 66

    Highlights of the San Diego Regional Bike Summit Include:

    Round table group discussions on current trends, policies and projects for bicycling
    Hearing from leaders and elected officials in and outside the region on their commitments to safe and equitable bicycling
    Networking opportunities for professionals and advocates involved with bicycling
    Bringing a diverse group of stakeholders together to share ideas and best practices
    A platform for telling regional picture for the future of bicycling to share with local and regional media outlets
    Topics include: Place-making and Open Streets, Transportation Justice, Successful Advocacy Strategies, E-Bikes, Trails and Open Space, Climate Action and Complete Streets, Cross Border Collaboration for Bicycling and more!

Meeting Notes:

Those present included Douglas Alden, Karl Rudnick, Jill Cooper, Brian Seymour, Jewel Edson, and Mo Sammak.
News from the City of Solana Beach from City Engineer Mo Sammak:
  • The annual pavement management project has been a success. Dig outs and inlays are almost finished, including work done on Lomas Santa Fe Drive (at night to minimize traffic disruption), north bound Highway 101, and Santa Helena. Pavement striping will begin soon.
  • As a traffic calming measure, the City will place speed cushions on Glencrest Drive: one between Lomas Santa Fe and Dell, and one between Dell and Glencrest Ct.  80% of the neighborhood is in favor, which meets both the neighborhood and City Engineering criteria for approval. It was suggested that Mo contact City Manager Greg Wade to request a “Speed cushion coming soon” message board to notify residents. To further slow traffic on Glencrest, pylons will be installed by the side of the road between Canyon Drive and Glencrest Ct.
  • There are 43 miles of roadway in Solana Beach!
  • The Staff report about the Santa Helena trail project (from Sun Valley Road to the San Elijo Lagoon) will be presented to the City Council on February 26. This report includes input from a neighborhood focus group headed by Vicky Driver. There is concern that some residents are opposed to the trail section on the slope side of the street between Santa Victoria and the lagoon. We encourage supporters of the trail project to speak in favor of it on February 26 at the Council meeting. 
Bike In Movie Night
Thanks to Kristine Schindler for her work in winning a SANDAG grant for a Bike In Movie Night. The location is in the Revolution Bikes parking lot on Highway 101. The date is yet to be determined, but will be in late April or early May to celebrate Bike Month (May). The movie, “Mother Load,” features people and their cargo bikes. Our plan is to have a bike light give-away. We’ll briefly publicize upcoming League of American Bicyclists Smart Cycling classes, as well as Bike Month events, including Bike to Work Day. 
Bike Shop Engagement
There is an effort by the Membership Committee of the San Diego County Bike Coalitiion to engage bike shops with Bike Coalition material, and in return the Bike Coalition provides advertising on the Coalition’s website for participating shops. Unfortunately, some of our members have found that bike shop staff often are not trained in how to publicize Coalition events to customers. On the positive side, the Pedego owner had an idea that bike shops should fund Smart Cycling classes for their customers. BikeWalkSolana invites bike shop owners to our meetings, and we would like them to attend so that we can support each other..
Regional Bike Summit
The objectives of the Summit are to bring together advocates, local and national leaders for bicycling, elected officials and more to share examples of successful projects, best practices and strategies to improve bicycling everywhere. It is 3 days of talks, panels, poster sessions bringing together city officials and planners across SD County, bicycle advocates and anyone interested in gaining insight and participating in the future of bicycling in SD County. Both Karl and Kristine Schindler are registered and also will be volunteering at the Summit.
July 12 Community Bike Ride—Tour of Solana Beach!
After last year’s amazing successful event, we are pleased to announce that the second Tour of Solana Beach will be on Sunday, July 12. Our plan is to ask bike shops to sign on as sponsors in return for paying our City required insurance. Jill Cooper will fill out the event request form. 
Gotcha Bike Share Program
Jewel Edson reported that the Gotcha Bike Share Program is currently on hold, but may not be over. 
Our next meeting will be at 5:00 on Monday, March 2 at the Fletcher Cove Community Center. We welcome all who want to attend. 
Notes recorded by Jill Cooper