BikeWalkSolana Meeting (Zoom), Mon August 3, 2020

The next meeting of BikeWalkSolana, the Solana Beach Active Transportation Committee,  be held on Monday, August 3,  2020, 5pm on Zoom. For an invitation please email [email protected]


  • Updates from the City
  • Presentation on Lomas Santa Fe Corridor Improvement Project by consultants
  • PSA on electric bicycle safety

Meeting Notes: (by Jill Cooper)

On Monday, August 3, BikeWalkSolana held its monthly meeting via Zoom. Present were Douglas Alden, Dawn Wilson  and Geoffrey Retemeyer of Michael Baker International, Solana Beach Mayor Jewel Edson, Karl Rudnick, Jill Cooper, Paul Dickstein, Shawna McGarry, Kristine Schindler, Paige Colburn-Hargis, and City Engineers Mo Sammak and Dan Goldberg.
Street Repairs
Mo reported on upcoming street repairs in the City. In September crews will begin minor localized street resurfacing, including pothole repair and restriping, on Santa Luisa Drive, on Vera Street, and where needed.
Lomas Santa Fe Corridor Improvement Project
City Council has directed the Engineering Department to look into expanding the proposed multi-use path for bicyclists and pedestrians west from the I-5 to the beach. With more information required, Michael Baker International needed to re-survey the area on the north side of Lomas Santa Fe Drive. Geoffrey Retemeyer and Dawn Wilson shared the results of the survey which indicate that there is enough space (15.5 feet from the curb to the side of the trail) for a multi-use path. However, there are some pinch points presently lacking adequate space in front of Skyline School and west of Glencrest, although the area west of Glencrest does fall within the City right of way.
To optimize buy-in from property owners affected by the City reclaiming its right of way in order to complete the path and from Solana Beach School District representatives, suggestions were offered:
  • Sit down with each property owner to mitigate problems
  • Focus on beautification of area reclaimed by City for path; include stamped concrete or other artistic features in design
  • City pays for cost of improvements
  • Emphasize the safety and health benefits of giving up some land when meeting with representatives from the Solana Beach School District

We also discussed applying for a CALTRANS grant to expand and extend the multi-use path under the freeway.

Douglas Alden will send a letter from BikeWalkSolana to the Solana Beach City Council in support of constructing a multi-use path west of I-5 on the north side of Lomas Santa Fe, understanding that it will require coordination with the Solana Beach School District (for area in front of Skyline School) and with homeowners west of Glencrest affected by City right of way issues.
E-Bike Safety
BikeWalkSolana members see a need for a City Public Safety Community Advisory announcement about following traffic laws and riding e-bikes safely.
City of Solana Beach Community Grant
BikeWalkSolana thanks the City for awarding us a $1500 grant to be used for post-COVID 19 community biking events like another Tour of Solana Beach and bike-in movie night.