BikeWalkSolana Meeting (Zoom), April 5, 2021

The next meeting of BikeWalkSolana, the Solana Beach Active Transportation Committee,  will be held on Monday April 5,  2021, 5pm on Zoom. For an invitation please email [email protected]


  • Updates from the City
  • Tour of Solana Beach Scavenger Hunt:  Last minute discussion of flyer, maps and registration form
  • New Business

Meeting Notes by Jill Cooper:

Attending the April 5, 2021 BikeWalkSolana meeting via Zoom were Chair Douglas Alden, City Council Member Jewel Edson, City Engineer Dan Goldberg, Kristine Schindler, Shawna McGarry, Paul Dickstein, Karl Rudnick, and Jill Cooper. 

Report from the City with Dan Goldberg
  • Safe Routes to Schools: Chen-Ryan, representing Circulate San Diego, was the only organization that submitted a proposal. The proposal will be considered by the City Council.
  • Lomas Santa Fe Corridor Improvement Project: The design plan which is 90% completed will be reviewed with consultants in May, then sent to the City Council. Unfortunately, SANDAG did not fund our grant application. The City will continue to submit grants to other agencies so construction can begin.
  • Highland Drive, between Marine View and San Andres: City Engineer Mo Sammak and Douglas walked this part of Highland Drive viewed by some residents as dangerous due to vegetation blocking parts of the roadway and other concerns. Dan reported that the City has sent out “Notices to Trim” to some homeowners.
  • Sharrows on Sun Valley Road: Karl asked for Dan’s assistance in repainting the sharrows on Sun Valley Road prior to our May Bike Month Tour of Solana Beach Scavenger Hunt. (Counting sharrows is one of the scavenger hunt’s tasks.)
  • Bike boxes on Lomas Santa Fe Drive: Kristine advocated for bike boxes, and Jewel mentioned that the City’s initial work plan meeting will take place soon: April 14.
  • League of American Bicyclists Bicycle Friendly City signs for SB: Kristine will speak to the City about funding and placement at the April 14 meeting.
  • Kristine brough up bicycle related Assembly bills in the State Legislature:
AB 43 would take into account pedestrian and bicyclist safety to justify setting slower speed limits. Howard LaGrange has more details.
AB 122 (Karl added later ) – the “Safety Stop” bill would permit bicyclists to safely yield at stop signs instead of coming to a full stop. This is currently adopted by 5 states, the first was Idaho (“Idaho Stop”) over 30 years ago with success, which includes safety record. Stay tuned as it moves through the legislature.
Tour of Solana Beach Scavenger Hunt
Our second Tour of Solana Beach will be a scavenger hunt exploring points of interest in our city by the sea. Bicyclists and pedestrians will have all 31 days of May (Bike Month!) to complete it. Available online will be:
  1. The Ride with GPS route map which can be printed OR downloaded onto a phone app with voice directions 
  2. Publicity flyers advertising the event in English and Spanish
  3. An online registration form, where name, email, and zip code will be required. The only way to register is online where they are also required to accept a  waiver indemnifying BWS and the City of Solana Beach. Dan King is running the waiver language through legal to make sure this is acceptable for COSB – it is our standard League of American Bicyclists language we use for all events.  Registrants will then receive via email:
    • Explanation of contest rules, prizes, protocols
    • Scavenger hunt clues with blanks to fill in which can be printed for turning in hardcopy at local dropoff points (bike shops)\
    • OR a scavenger hunt google form, so that they can participate paperless with their phone
    • Instructions for participating over multiple days whether paper or electronic participation
San Diego Electric Bike will donate a full-featured e-bike as the grand prize. (BikeWalkSolana will pay SDEB $1000 out of our $1500 Community Grant funds to sweeten the deal.)
We decided that anyone can participate in the Tour of SB Scavenger Hunt, but that we will concentrate publicity in the Solana Beach area. We will be capturing zip codes in the registration in order to understand geographic participation.
Our next BikeWalk Solana meeting will be on Monday, May 3.