BikeWalkSolana Meeting (Zoom), April 4, 2022

The next meeting of BikeWalkSolana, the Solana Beach Active Transportation Committee, will be held on Monday April 4, 2022, 5pm on Zoom. For an invitation please email [email protected]


  • Updates from the City
  • Bike Month Activities

    • Tour of Solana Beach
    • Scavenger Hunt
  • New Business

Meeting Notes by Jill Cooper

Those present at the April 4, 2022 Zoom meeting of BikeWalkSolana were Douglas Alden, Jill Cooper, Paul Dickstein, Kristine Schindler, City Councilmember Jewel Edson, City Engineer Dan Goldberg. 
Report from the City (Dan)
All of the Bicycle Friendly Community Signs, with the exception of one, have been installed on streets leading into the City. The last sign will be installed soon on Valley, probably north of Via de la Valle near the bus stop with the Solana Beach sign.
The Bicycle Friendly Community grant application process is on hold. The City will re-apply once the League of American Bicyclists notifies Dan that the application guidelines are approved and available.
City Staff working with Chen Ryan will be updating Council soon on Safe Routes to School progress and recommendations. We would like to take a look at the staff report first, if possible. (Douglas) Here’s a link to the Safe Routes to School page on the City of Solana Beach website:
May is Bike Month, and we are preparing for Community Grant-funded events, including
  • the self-guided Tour of Solana Beach Scavenger Hunt, taking place from May 1 – 31.
  • the Tour of Solana Beach Community Ride on May 14, departing La Colonia Park at 10 am. Insurance for the event still needs to be finalized.
  • two Safe Cycling classes (City Cycling and E-Bike Safety) on April 23 and 30 are in the planning stages. The classroom portions from 9 – 10 am have been approved to meet at City Hall. We still need to finalize the road portion location, LCI instructors, and insurance.

Please join us for the City Council proclamation honoring Bike Month at the April 27 Council meeting.

Our next meeting will be on Monday, May 2, at 5:00 pm PST.