BikeWalkSolana Meeting (Zoom), March 4, 2024

The meeting of BikeWalkSolana, the Solana Beach Active Transportation Committee, was held on March 4, 2024, 5pm on Zoom. For invitations to future meetings, please email [email protected]


  • Updates from the City
  • Community Grant Planning
  • New Business

Meeting Notes by Jill Cooper

Present at the meeting COSB Engineers Dan Goldberg and Mo Sammak; COSB Deputy Mayor Jewel Edson; BikeWalkSolana members Douglas Alden, Kristin Brinner, Jill Cooper, Howard LaGrange, Shawna McGarry, Karl Rudnick

Updates from the City

Highway 101 North End Pedestrian Crossing Update

Solana Beach City Engineers Dan and Mo reported on a proposed roadway project designed to create a safer crossing for pedestrians and cyclists traveling across Highway 101 to or from Harbaugh Trails to Seaside Beach. The plan, which will be presented to City Council at the March 13 meeting, contains the following features:

  • The 2 northbound and 2 southbound traffic lanes on Highway 101 will transition to one lane in each direction to slow traffic and to allow pedestrians a shorter distance to cross the busy highway. Currently 85% of cars travel at 40 mph+, exceeding the 35 mph speed limit. Along Highway 101 in both Del Mar and Encinitas transitions from 2 to 1 lanes already exist, so there is precedent for such a design. 
  • A “Z” type crosswalk with push button activated rapid fire flashing lights will be installed on a median. 
  • The Coastal Rail Trail will be extended so that it connects with the northbound bike path through Cardiff (Encinitas). 
  • Class 2 bike lanes on each side of the highway will be included. 
  • City Staff will work with the Nature Conservancy, which oversees the Harbaugh Trails area of the San Elijo Lagoon, and with City of Encinitas staff to coordinate plan development and construction. The City of Encinitas already has fully funded, shovel-ready plans to create a sidewalk on the south side of Seaside connecting to the Solana Beach sidewalk. 
  • Other design options were considered, including (1) a traffic light option like the one at the entrance to the pedestrian tunnel on the east side of 101 at Swami’s and (2) a Hawk signal which would change from green to red when activated by a pedestrian. With raised elements and continuous lighting, both options were considered to have a negative visual impact on the beach/lagoon view.  
  • This is a work in progress, intended to benefit pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. If the City Council approves funding of the plan, sending it to the Coastal Commission for approval is the next step. 
  • With the completion of the Highway 101 North End Pedestrian Crossing, Solana Beach will become the first and only coastal city to have a continuous rail trail running from the north to the south end of the city.
  • From Jewel: This is a winner for all. The Coast to Crest Trail will be complete. Encinitas is already planning to reduce their Highway 101 speed limit to 25 mph. 
  • To read the Staff Report, go to and select Agendas, Minutes, and Videos for the March 13 City Council meeting. Select Staff Report C.1. 
  • BikeWalkSolana members strongly support the Highway 101 North End Pedestrian Crossing project. 

Community Grant Planning

Interim City Manager Dan King and representatives from the San Diego County Bike Coalition are working together to solve the problem of high insurance costs for our 2024 community grant planned activities. 

Shawna McGarry and Kristin Brinner, co-PTA presidents at Solana Vista and Skyline, are making plans for the May 25 or 26 Family Bike Ride

Suggestions included:

  • Ride a flat, short route leaving from Fletcher Cove, proceeding south along Sierra, then north along the Rail Trail
  • A parade-like vibe with costumes and bike decorating encouraged
  • Give awards, including “most visible”
  • Use natural teaching moments about safe bike riding to build energy. “Try not to talk too much.”
  • City provides posters with plans for the Lomas Santa Fe Improvement Corridor and the Highway 101 North End Pedestrian Crossing to educate parents and kids at the end of the ride
  • Publicity about the Family Ride to include that bikes must be in good working order
  • Teens on ebikes could help with the ride
  • Stop at a SB business for snacks, quick safety lesson

The Walking Solana Beach Scavenger Hunt will take place from May 1-31, Bike Month. Jill will create the route with Solana Beach Civic and Historical Society member Cindi Clemons.

The Community Ride on April 28 will depart from La Colonia Park on a shorter, less hilly route than in 2023. Still needed are LCIs (Leqgue of American Bicyclists Cycling Instructors) to assist, and … insurance!  

Kristin Brinner has registered Solana Vista and Skyline for Walk, Ride, and Roll to School. Shawna will try to interest the Earl Warren Middle School principal in this event. 

New Business

Douglas Alden again brought up the poor bike parking situation at past Fiesta del Sol events where bikes are strewn around and randomly locked to any available post or rail. Karl Rudnick brought up the SDCBC Bike Valet service, which the Chamber of Commerce considered too late last year to help run a single service from a convenient location where people riding to FDS can’t miss it. After the meeting Jewel Edson contacted Nichole Peterson at the Chamber and Karl sent Nichole the info at and and program manager Jesse Clark’s contact info.