Car Free Saturday, October 6

Join the movement and take part in Car Free Saturday on 6 Oct 2012. Leave the car at home. Walk or bike to the store, the library, the beach, Arts Alive on the Coastal Rail Trail and the Campaign for the Gateway Park, or wherever life takes you. You will be glad you did!

Everyone is encouraged to come to Arts Alive and the Campaign for the Gateway Park by walking, bicycling, or public transit. The walker, bicyclist, or public transit user will get a free “Goodie Bag” and an anonymous donor will donate $5 to San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy for everyone who comes to ArtsAlive without their car. Check in at the BikeWalkSolana booth. BikeWalkSolana in partnership with will have free bike parking at the Gateway Park. The bike parking and check-in booth will be located at the Gateway Park (north end of the Coastal Rail Trail) from 10AM to 5PM.