BikeWalkSolana Meeting, Mon July 1, 2019

The next meeting of BikeWalkSolana, the Solana Beach Active Transportation Committee,  be held on Monday, July 1,  2019, 5pm at Fletcher Cove Community Center. 

Fletcher Cove Community Center
133 Pacific Avenue
Solana Beach, CA 92075


  • Updates from the City
  • Community Bike Ride July 1,  1PM – La Colonia Park 

BikeWalkSolana invites bike riders of all ages and experience to a community bike ride, a 10 mile loop highlighting all the neighborhoods of Solana Beach. The ride will start on Sunday, July 14 at La Colonia Park, 715 Valley Ave, Solana Beach, ready to roll on your bikes at 1pm. The ride will take you on a 90 minute loop through the neighborhood roads of our beautiful seaside town. Join in for the full ride or meet the ride at the approximate times shown on the route as it circles around Solana Beach (map can be found on the website).

Tour of Solana Beach is an event to encourage Solana Beach and nearby residents to use their bicycles as a healthy, environmentally friendly transportation alternative. Come ride and learn how you can use a bike to commute to work, do your local shopping, get to school, recreational events, or just enjoy the ride. Thanks to the Solana Beach Baskin Robbins for providing buy one get one free ice cream cone coupons for the first 75 participants.

NOTES from meeting:
Those present included Douglas Alden, Dan Goldberg (City of Solana Beach), Shawna McGarry, Kristine Schindler, Brian Seymour, Paul Dickstein, Karl Rudnick, Jill Cooper, Doug Lord (representing Pedego Bike Shop in Solana Beach). Councilmember Jewel Edson stopped by to take flyers advertising the Tour of Solana Beach to the Chamber of Commerce meeting the same evening.
Tour of Solana Beach community ride on July 14
Riders are asked to be ready with bike and helmet to start at 1pm. To meet anticipated arrival times along the route, we hope to leave La Colonia Park about 1:10 on Sunday, July 14, passing through neighborhoods including Eden Gardens, east and west of the freeway and along our lovely Coastal Rail Trail. Our focus now is on effective publicity for a big turnout and on welcoming local bike shop businesses (new Gotcha ride share, Pedego, San Diego Electric Bike, Trek, Revolution) to the event. 
Next steps:
  • Douglas—take BWS banner to Karl and Jill’s. Publicize ride to BWS mail list.
  • Brian—take flyers to Bloc, other businesses. Invite Pedego to have a presence at the ride.
  • Karl—follow up July 4 Solana Beach Sun article “Tour of Solana Beach Community Bike Ride to be held July 14” with Event Briefs article, take flyers to SB bike shops and invite them to be present at beginning of ride. Send electronic flyer to Kirk Wenger for display at La Colonia Park and  Fletcher Cove Community Center. 
  • Jill—take flyers to City Hall, SB businesses, Junior Lifeguards. Finalize Baskin Robbins BOGO coupons. Ask Jodee Brentlinger, SBSD Superintendent, to send out second publicity notice to SBSD families. During July 10 SB City Council meeting public comments period invite SBCC members and staff to join us on July 14. Follow up with Jewel on City E-blast request.  
  • Shawna—continue with social media publicity campaign, take flyers to Lofty, Peete’s, other SB businesses. Lemonade/kombucha stands in neighborhoods
  • Paul—invite Blind Stokers Club and other bike groups
Lomas Santa Fe Corridor Improvement Project update and discussion:
City Engineer Dan Goldberg reported on the open house held on May 29 to solicit opinions from the community about Phase III design. About 130 people attended. Everything presented at the open house is on the City website, and  members of City Staff continue to welcome feedback from citizens. The next step is to analyze public input and refine the design study for a fall workshop, not yet scheduled. BWS members suggested that in future notices to the public Staff emphasize the goal of safety for all who use the corridor—motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists—as well as beautification of the roadway. 
Next steps:
  • Publicize Phase III at the July 14 Tour of Solana Beach event
  • Douglas will draft an email with a link to the COSB website and the video to his BikeWalkSolana mail list, asking for comments
  • Shawna will post information about the project on social media
Pedego owner’s concerns with upcoming rollout of Gotcha ride share
Doug Lord, owner of Pedego in Solana Beach expressed his concerns about the Gotcha ride sharing program due to begin a one year trial next month. His concerns include Gotcha driving local Solana Beach bike shops out of business, bike vandalism, bikes being dumped on city streets, bike rider safety. BikeWalkSolana supports all bike shops and bike programs in Solana Beach.