Tour of Solana Beach Sunday July 14, 1pm

Tour of Solana Beach Sunday July 14, 1pm

Join us for a friendly ride that covers all the neighborhoods of Solana Beach. For a cue sheet with route directions to view and/or print click here. To view the route map to download to a bike computer or other app, click here. For a compact cue sheet to print and put on your handlebars before the ride, click here – they will also be availabe at the ride start.

Safety reminders: Bring your helmet and water and wear bright colors
Bike ready: Get your bikes ready ahead of time. We will have a tire pump at the park if you need.
Pre-ride: Come to the park at ~12:30 to sign a quick waiver, check out Gotcha bikes (North County’s upcoming electric bike share program), mingle with friends, get your photo in the SB Sun, and be ready by 1 pm.

During the ride: We have a few ride leaders to guide different paced groups, and we will regroup all together at a couple spots on the route. If you’re joining in for a section, use the time points on the cue sheet to figure out where/when to join in. We won’t leave any spots ahead of these times, but we could be running a little behind. 

Ride support: There will be a lemonade stand at CDC. Bring a couple bucks to thank our kid volunteers. 

Afterwards: We’ll wrap up together with a few words at La Colonia. If you don’t make it to La Colonia, but want to continue to hang out, people will be heading to Baskin Robbins and Culture Brewing to continue the fun.

We are so excited to ride with you around our beautiful town!

Tour of Solana Beach Community Bike Ride