BikeWalkSolana Meeting, Mon January 6, 2020

The next meeting of BikeWalkSolana, the Solana Beach Active Transportation Committee,  be held on Monday, January 6,  2020, 5pm at Fletcher Cove Community Center. 

Fletcher Cove Community Center
133 Pacific Avenue
Solana Beach, CA 92075


  • Updates from the City
  • 2020 Vision for the Coming Year
  • Upcoming Events: Cyclovia Encinitas
    Sunday, 12 Jan 2020 10AM to 2PM
    Explore Downtown Encinitas on South Coast Highway 101 via bike, on foot or other means of self powered transportation, FREE of cars!

    What is Cyclovia Encinitas?

    It is a Spanish term that means “Cycleway”.  It is the closing of certain streets to automobiles for a temporary time, in order to allow cyclists, skaters and pedestrians access to local businesses on open streets.  It is an event that is held globally as well as locally, such as San Diego, Pacific Beach and Chula Vista.

    Who is organizing Cyclovia Encinitas?

    It is a partnership effort between the City of Encinitas, the Environmental Commission, the Traffic and Public Safety and the Encinitas 101.  The event is to promote mobility and the current Climate Action Plan.

    Description of Event

    Enjoy local specials and activities hosted by downtown businesses along hwy 101.  Swing by multiple locations where live music and games will be!  The San Diego Bike Coalition will be holding a Bike Rodeo for the public.  They will also be providing bike racks and bike valets for people traveling by bikes downtown.

Meeting Notes:

Participants: Dan Goldberg, Douglas Alden, Karl Rudnick, Paul Dickstein, Kristine Schindler, Shawna McGarry, Jewel Edson, Brian Seymour

Updates from the City

  • LSF Active Transportation Improvement Project. The design team will update the City Council on January 22, 2020 with proposed improvements based on comments since February 2019. There are no wholesale changes (i.e., roundabouts are still not present), just fine-tuning.\
  • The Design Grant will be done in July, though an extension is allowed. Once design in complete, the city will be in a better position to get grants.
  • Dan does not see Solana Beach doing one full project from Hwy 101 to Highland, but rather funding/working on the project in increments.
  • Residents are encouraged to come to the Council meeting on 1/22 to make comment or send in their comments by letter. It is helpful to be as specific as possible with comments.
  • There may be one more workshop in May 2020. They will have to produce engineering specifications for 60%-100% design phase.
  • The next pavement project meeting is on 1/7/20. They are getting some requests on the city’s app. SB 1 money goes to pothole repair and overlaying streets.
    • Douglas suggested doing an eBlast that shares the accomplishments of SB 1 funding in Solana Beach
  • The Santa Helena Neighborhood Trail Project will likely be on City Council agenda February 12 or 26. This project will provide a walking path from Sun Valley to Santa Victoria. It will make the area more walkable, make the crossing shorter, and reduce the cost of maintaining the road. Supporters of this project are encouraged to come to the meeting.

2020 BikeWalkSolana Vision Brainstorm 

  • Go-By-Bike Movie Night. Kristine has applied for a grant to put on a bike-in movie night at Revolution Bikes (tentatively in May).
  • Tour of Solana Beach. BikeWalkSolana would like to put on another Tour of Solana Beach, most likely in July again. We could have a bike rodeo before the ride starts. It would be good to apply for a Solana Beach community grant (due in the Fall) to cover the cost of insurance and other expenses of putting on the Tour of SB. We would also like to have a food truck at La Colonia Park this year and/or encourage more people to meet up at Culture afterwards. In order to get more people engaged and riding down to Cedros, we will try to work that segment and other useful destinations into this year’s Tour route. 
  • Cyclovia. On 1/12/20, Encinitas will shut down D to J Streets on Hwy 101 to cars for North County’s first Cyclovia. Kristine encouraged everyone to come. Douglas suggested meeting at the train station in Solana Beach at 9:30 to head up as a group.
  • Pedestrian Safety. Summarize pedestrian safety comments and send them in to City Council for the TTAC meeting. Everyone had examples of areas that are dangerous. It is important to have the sheriff at these spots at the right time. Neighborhoods can now band together to work on traffic calming and sidewalks for their streets. Areas of high need will have higher priority for funds. The city has discussed Glencrest, South Cedros, Rosa/Palmitas, Santa Helena, and Nardo.
  • Wayfinding Signs. Signs in Encinitas were done by their Mainstreet Associations.
  • Business Involvement. Work with the Chamber of Commerce to get more businesses involved in supporting biking to businesses. Could have bike-in months with 10% discounts at rotating businesses.
  • BikeWalkSolana Bike Club. Could start our own club to go on rides semi-regularly.
  • Smart Cycling Class. This might be a good year to host a smart cycling class in Solana Beach.

Notes recorded by Shawna McGarry