BikeWalkSolana Meeting (Zoom), June 7, 2021

The next meeting of BikeWalkSolana, the Solana Beach Active Transportation Committee,  will be held on Monday June 7,  2021, 5pm on Zoom. For an invitation please email [email protected]


  • Updates from the City
  • Tour of Solana Beach Scavenger Hunt status
  • e-Bike Safety 

Meeting Notes by Jill Cooper:

Report from City Engineer Mo Sammak

The Lomas Santa Fe Corridor Improvement Project plan, presented to the City Council, received good feedback. The design team is working on urban furniture, which includes such components as landscaping, seating, and retaining walls. BWS members were pleased that the Cedros to Highland bike-ped multi-use path plan has been modified to make it legal for bikes to go in both directions. 
Now that the City has been awarded Safe Routes to Schools funding, the planning effort to develop a City-wide program addressing routes, upgrades, and enhancements has begun. The most important component will be public outreach which will include future public workshops and City Council meetings. 
The fiber optic cable installation, 18 months in progress, is nearing its end. There are just a few streets left in Solana Beach to go. Our city is the only city in our area equipped with fiber optic for all residents. The cable company has adhered to the City’s directive to leave all bike lanes in a safe condition for cyclists. 
Tour of Solana Beach Scavenger Hunt
We’re happy that the Tour of Solana Beach Scavenger Hunt, supported by a City of Solana Beach Community Grant, was a success. During the month of May, Bike Month, bicyclists and pedestrians took a closer look at our city as they searched for answers along the route to questions on their score sheet. 596 people registered, 344 of them from Solana Beach. 191 completed the hunt, making them eligible to win 26 prizes from local bike shops and merchants, including the grand prize of an electric bike from San Diego Electric Bike. 
Here are some of the positive responses from scavenger hunt participants: 
“I think this is a very great event for all. We’re getting outdoors, exercising, and exploring Solana Beach. Thank you.”
“Very grateful for the opportunity to have had those special moments with family doing something I love. It was a very, very good day!”
Electric bike safety
In response to a City e-blast regarding citizens’ concerns about e-bike riders who are not riding safely, Karl Rudnick proposed that the City distribute e-bike safety flyers. Using an existing flyer created by the San Diego Bike Coalition for the city of Carlsbad, the Bike Coalition would produce digital and print versions of an attractive, easy to understand fold-up flyer in English and Spanish, rebranding it for Solana Beach. (Karl proposed that the City pay the Bike Coalition to do this during the oral communications period of the June 9 City Council meeting.)
In addition to creating flyers, the San Diego Bike Coalition is making e-bike safety presentations for middle school students. The City of Encinitas is supporting the filming of an e-bike safety video. [Edit post meeting] Here is a little more information provided provided by the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition on their website and in their July Newsletter:

There’s been a 145% increase in ebike sales since the COVID pandemic! We’re thrilled to see so many new riders and we’re doing our part to promote safe riding and ebike education county-wide.

Here’s what’s available with the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition:

2021-2022 COSB Community Grant Application
BikeWalkSolana may present its proposal for a Community Grant at the June 9 City Council Mtg. [Edit and followup] Jill Cooper filled in for Douglas on June 9 who was working in the field to outline our request for $3600 to cover insurance for a 2022 community ride, another car-free scavenger hunt, and two Smart Cycling classes to increase education and awareness. At the June 23 City Council meeting, the full request was awarded.