BikeWalkSolana Meeting (Zoom), August 2, 2021

The next meeting of BikeWalkSolana, the Solana Beach Active Transportation Committee,  will be held on Monday August 2,  2021, 5pm on Zoom. For an invitation please email [email protected]


  • Updates from the City
  • E-Bike Safety outreach
  • Safe Routes to Schools
  • New Business

Meeting Notes by Jill Cooper

BikeWalkSolana met via Zoom on August 2. Those present included Karl Rudnick, Jill Cooper, City Council Member Jewel Edson, and City Engineer Dan Goldberg. The meeting began with Dan Goldberg’s updates from the City.

Electric Bike Safety
Dan relayed that this is a concern not just in Solana Beach, but everywhere, especially as it relates to teen riders.
Additional information: On July 29 Assistant City Manager Dan King sent out an e-blast titled “E-Bike Safety and Laws.” In addition to covering specific information geared to younger e-bike riders and their parents, it included links to Smart Cycling safety classes and the San Diego Bike Coalition/City of Encinitas Electric Bicycle Safety Video.
There will also be an E-Bike Safety Virtual Presentation via Zoom on August 31 from 6:00-7:30 pm. Dan is working with the City of Encinitas and the Sheriff’s Department and has requested BikeWalkSolana’s “input, guidance, and suggestions.”
Safe Routes to Schools
City Staff members are in the preliminary stages of data collection for this funded program. Public outreach to seek input from local school personnel and Solana Beach families, is coming.
Highway 101 Safety
Karl Rudnick proposed that the City paint “BIKES MAY USE FULL LANE” on the roadway to emphasize and complement the sharrows.
There are concerns about pedestrians and cyclists crossing Highway 101 from the Harbaugh Seaside Trails trailhead on the east side of Hwy 101 at the northern border of Solana Beach to Seaside Beach. Many cyclists and peds cross the highway there even though there’s no crosswalk, and the nearest signalized crossing is at Ocean Street—or is it Solana Vista Drive? Jewel stated that the City Council has worked on how to approach this safety issue through City Work Plan discussions including how to link coastal rail trails in Solana Beach and Cardiff/Encinitas and which city has jurisdiction.
Three possible crossings are:
  1. A tunnel under the Coast Highway, similar to the tunnel under the railroad tracks near Swami’s in Encinitas.
  2. An above grade bridge, probably opposed by nearby homeowners concerned about their views.
  3. An at grade crosswalk with either a full signal or rectangular rapid flashing beacons.