BikeWalkSolana Meeting, July 6, 2015 5pm

BikeWalkSolana (Solana Beach Active Transportation Committee) Meeting for  Monday, 6 July at 5PM

La Colonia Park Community Center
715 Valley Avenue
Solana Beach, CA 92075


Meeting Notes:

Attendees:  Douglas Alden, Cindi Clemons, Dan Goldberg, Tracy Richmond

Updates from the City – Dan Goldberg


CATS will provide general blueprint for active transportation projects for next 15 years.  While not specifically a bike/ped master plan it performs the same function.  It incorporates components of the circulation element of the City’s General Plan.  CATS and the circulation element where both written by Chen/Ryan.  CATS will be referred to for all future SANDAG funding opportunities.

SANDAG grant for Stevens Avenue still needs board approval. Original request for $500k was cut to $420k. There is a small possiblity that it could be cut further to $350k.  Only two capital projects were funded by SANDAG.  When SANDAG was asked why Solana Beach’s submission is getting all the cuts they were told it was because it was #2 on the list.  The first one on the list is getting the full $1M request.  If Solana Beach gets the award the money would arrive sometime in October.  The design would most likely be done in house.  Work would be completed by the end of next year.

Grant Application Costs
There was some discussion of how much time and money goes into a grant application.  For Stevens Ave, Dan said he was able to reuse a number of elements from earlier submissions and spent 25 hours dovetailing the application for this funding opportunity. Sometimes the City hires a consultant to write the grant applications at a cost of $5k-$6k.

Stevens Avenue Slurry Seal
Stevens Avenue will be slurry sealed in the Sept/Oct time frame.  This project is out to bid and will be awarded at the 26 Aug council meeting.  The City is asking for BikeWalkSolana’s input on the striping plan from Valley Avenue through the extent of La Colonia Park (see attached). The minmum travel lane width is 11 ft. with a 7 ft. bike lane and 8 ft for parking.  We talked about whether there should be buffers and whether the buffers should be in the door zone or between the travel lane and bike lane.

San Andreas Traffic Calming
The San Andreas traffic calming project will start this week or next. It starts at the City border and goes north to Highland Drive.  It is being paid for by mitigation funds from the Flower Hill Mall expansion.

Bike Friendly City Application
Dan was asked whether staff had been directed to work on the Bike Friendly City Application.  The application had been mentioned in this year’s Work Plan.  Dan said he had not.  It would be best to follow up with the Council and/or the City Manager.

Glenmont Drive Traffic Calming

Cindi Clemons updated the committee on a meeting held at her house on 17 June to discuss traffic calming options for Glenmont Drive.  David Ott, Mo Sammak from the City and Douglas Alden from BWS attended the meeting along with a number of her neighbors. A number of residents wanted a stop sign to slow speeders.  Dan pointed out that stop signs are only used to address right-of-way conflicts and do not work to slow speeders. Tracy mentioned that he had been trying to get a stop sign at Lynwood Ave. for some time but there were not enough warrants to support it. The City is going to start by striping 10 ft. travel lanes.  Stealth radar will also be deployed to see if there is a pattern to the speeders that would enable the Sheriff to use enforcement.

Traffic Counting
Dan was asked about traffic counters that had been deployed on Stevens, Lomas Santa Fe Drive, Marine View and Highland.  He said this work was not the City’s and was most likely a consultant hired by a developer. There are projects proposed on Nardo at Stevens and on Genevieve at Marine View.

Tracy Richmond
We welcomed first time attendee and Solana Beach resident Tracy Richmond. He is a former city attorney for Del Mar and a former attorney for NCTD.  He was interested in obtaining resources on the specifics of road design as it pertains to bikes and peds.  The City uses the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Devices
Other resources can be found on the BikeWalkSolana website
Tracy also inquired as to whether there was a class for adult cyclists. Classes are held in Oceanside